The Queens Of The Rock - Queen

So we got to one of the most popular Rock Bands in the 70's, 80's and 90's.


Queen was a british rock band.

So firts of all, who was the members of queen?

The classic members of the band were:

Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano)

Brian May (guitar, vocals)

Roger Taylor (drums, vocals) and

John Deacon (bass)

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Queen Members

So How did the Queen start?

The year is 1968 in london, Brian May on the guitar and Tim staffell on the bass. They Were Studying in the Imperial College in London when they started to think about getting together as a band.

together they begin to play songs and call themselves "Smile".

After a while, They publish in school a sign that say they are looking for a drummer, they took

Roger Taylor with them and started practice.

"Smile" did mostly warm up performances for artists like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.

In Spring of 1970, "Smile" broke down.

The Bass player "Tim staffell" was leaving the band for another band called "HumpyBong".

Meanwhile the other band members get to know Freddie Bulsara.

Freddie Bulsara Suggests that they start a new band.

They started to search for a new Bass player instead of Tim Staffell and after they tried with 3 other people they got to know John Deacon and took him to the band in 1971.

Freddy, who in his spirit wished to be extraordinarily colorful and theatrical, with extravagant costumes and particularly dramatic performances, suggested the name "Queen". Meanwhile he changed his last name for what we all know, mercury, and became Freddie mercury.

They performed in lots of London clubs and were a big success in london.

In 1972, The band got an offer to record in "De Lane Lea" studio.

And from there it's all history..

What Types Of Music Does Queen Play?

Queen was a very special band, they played all kinds of music.

They started as a Rock Band of course but Freddie Mercury was such a valuable musician that it wasn't enough for him and he wanted the band to make some special's track.

In Queen's third album, they did it.

"A night at the opera" - That's the name of Queen's third album that was released in 1975.

The album contains a sort of combination between Rock music and opera. with a little touch of Jazz.

So actually there's no really a type of music for queen, if incist of getting an answer. I would say rock.

But that's what makes the queen so special, they just did whatever they wanted.

The album

"A night at the opera" contain both rock and opera track which we all know:

Bohemian Rhapsody - it's a very long song for that time. It was acceptable to make song's of 3 min or little more but bohemian rhapsody takes it to the next level and the length of Bohemian Rhapsody is 5:55.

And that's after they get it shorter.

Love of My life - Love of my life i think it one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

It's a rock ballad that's written by Freddy Mercury.

The original song is performed by Freddie Mercury at the piano and is joined by Brian May playing guitar and harp.

The song was later reworked into a 12-string guitar for live performances.

The song shows the influence of classical piano playing under the influence of Chopin and Beethoven on Freddy Mercury.

Queen In AID Concert Performed Bohemian Rhapsody

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