The 80’s Greatest Artists and Albums

In the 1980s, photos of leg warmers, parachute suits, moonwalking, Seagull Flock, and a variety of John Hughes films could come to mind. However, the best albums of the decade were highly mixed in those years. They saw the final vestiges of the vivid punk movement and the beginnings of postpunk or new wave music; the growth of hip-hop and the proliferation of great college radio stations; the fleeting rise of racist songwriters into mainstream pop-stars. We're remembering today our favorite songs from the 1980s. In his different incarnations, there is a limited amount of rap, folk, country, jazz, pop, and many rock n' roll. Today's topic is about the Best albums of the ’80s.

The Best Music Albums of the ’80s

The Pixies (Doolittle - 1989)

A new album came out at the turn of the 1980s, a few decades, and counts will continue to dominate the music. Surfer Rosa was followed by the Pixies with a magnum opus of the band, that in 1995 would finally be certified as "Gold" although the band was just number 98 on the billboard table. Doolittle flips his heart out, often in the same tune, from quiet delicate songs to balls-to-the-wall Rock, this album from pixies became a great success for there career.

The Smiths (the Queen is Dead -1986)

The title track from The Queen Is Dead" was a rhythmic strafing with How Soon Is Now on The Smiths’ last Song, declaring their plans to venture into deeper territory. The literary tribute to the "Cemetery Gates" and the ironic swoon of "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out is the two songs that lift the Queen Is Dead in the pantheon of true classic albums. Both songs leverage the magnificent friction between the unbelievably brilliant, genius wit of Morrissey and Marr's ability to rock'n'roll.

Michael Jackson (Thriller - 1982)

Without the King of Pop’s watershed album, you should speak about the songs of the 1980s. The 1982 album Quincy Jones could cross-genre and cater to lovers of demography, and the best-selling album of all time of 110 million copies sold does not surprise us. It has produced seven of Jackson's ten best hits and, while this isn't the indicator of an artist's merits (we're looking at you, Katy Perry), it's fair to say that Michael Jackson was pop in the '80s.

Bruce Springsteen (Born – 1984)

Here's his best pop hits, his rational lyrics, his finest idea. At that time Bruce was considered to be the best pop artist. He fully reconciled the romanticism of his work from 1973 to 1977 with the darkness of his work from 1978 to 1982. Lastly, he mastered the recording studio to support his perspective rather than to prevent it, because he was at last as powerful on stage in the studio. He eventually realized comedy could expose the human essence as drama, and he let his funny songs stand alongside his sad ones. Finally, he overcame his ambivalence with the pop stardom and offered him the most captivating choirs and guitar riffs and the most spiritual vocals he could get.

The Clash (London Calling – 1980)

It was already out in the UK for a few weeks before it was released in the United States in January 1980. Yet in many ways the diverse 19-song effort of The Clash signals the culmination of punk's glory years, instilling in the 65-minute run a brash blend of rock, ska, R&B, and reggae. It is a double album with a wide range of genres that contains political influence by the performance of songs "Arms of Brixton" and "Spanish Rockets," which are asking the public opinion listen to their High demands while being a best commercial hit.

Many Other Hit of the ’80s

  • R.E.M (Life Rich Pageant – 1986)

  • Paul Simon (Graceland – 1986)

  • Talking Heads (Remain in Light – 1987)

  • U2 (The Joshua Tree – 1987)

  • Prince (Purple Rain – 1984)

  • Public Enemy (It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back – 1988)

  • Beastie Boys (Paul’s Boutique – (1989)

Dance music and a new wave of rock, pop, and jazz in the 1980s. As disco dropped out of mode in the early decade, genres like post-disco, Italo disco, Euro disco, and dance-pop have become more popular. Rock music also had a huge following. Soft rock, glam metal, thrash metal, heavy distortion shred, harmonic pinch, and abuse of the whammy bar have become common. Adults became famous with contemporary, peaceful storm and soft jazz. Glam metal is the biggest and best-known company in the U.S. and the world in the late 1980s.

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