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The ’70s was a time of (rock n roll, classic) music where the new artist and some old artists come with their new albums with a bang just like, The Beatles split up in 1970, but with successful solo carriers, the four members continue to influence the decade. The death of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison, both of whom died at the age of 27, was at the beginning of the seventies. Psychedelic music reduces, but it becomes heavy rock.

Heavy metal and modern rock. Touring bands switch from bars and theatres to sporting venues. Many big-time bands, like the Rolling Stones, established in the ’60s, Pink. In private jets, Floyd, The Who, Grand Funk, and Led Zeppelin are performing in thousands of outdoor arenas and stadiums.

Best Albums of 70’s Music

Simon & Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water – 1970)

Bridge over Troubled Water is American folk-rock duo Simon & Garfunkel's fifth and final album, released on Columbia Records in January 1970. Art Garfunkel also played a part in the film Catch-22, since the duo's soundtrack for The Graduate, while Paul Simon has been working on the music, composing all the tracks except Felice and Bryant's Bye Bye Love (previously a best hit for the Everly Brothers).

Fleetwood Mac (Rumors – 1977)

Rumors is Britain's 11th Fleetwood Mac studio album, released by Warner Bros on February 4, 1977. The band with Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut was mostly recorded in California in 1976.

Bee Gees (Saturday Night Fever – 1978)

Since the Bodyguard, the album is one of the biggest sellers in history and is the second-highest sales record of all time selling more than 45 million copies worldwide. For sales of at least 16 million units, the album was Platinum certified in the US 16. It lasted 24 consecutive weeks between January and July 1978 on the album charts and remained 120 weeks on the Billboard's charts until March 1980.

Pink Floyd (The Wall - 1979)

The Wall is Pink Floyd's eleventh studio album, released on Harvest and Columbia Records on 30 November 1979. It is a rock opera that investigates Pink, a jaded rock star whose absolute independence from civilization is a figurative wall.

Led Zeppelin (Four Symbols – 1971)

Led Zeppelin IV is impossible to name the best album in the history of music – because it's much, much more than a hard rock album considering its legacy. It's the biggest hard rock album. Driven as ever by the black magic Jimmy Page Moja, Led Zep genuinely indulged itself in widespread punk rock ("Stairway to Heaven"), medieval folk (The Battle of Ever more’s a witch), and psychedelic balladry (the centerpiece of sentiment, "Go to California") and electric blues ("Rock and Rolle, " Eight songs, 8 classics: this is one of the largest ever recorded rock albums.

Some more famous Hits of the ’70s
  • Neil Young (Harvest – 1972)

  • John Lennon (Imagine – 1971)

  • The Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers – 1971)

  • Eagles (Hotel California – 1976)

  • Grease (The Original Soundtrack – 1978)

  • Supertramp (Breakfast in America – 1979)

  • Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon – 1973)

There is a distinct difference between Rock Radio's best 40 and FM album. The FM radio is used to make the stereos popular, followed by 8-track tapes, followed by cassette tapes.

The variety and development of music delivery networks encourage a wide range of new rock trends to occur. Singer-songwriters and soft rock dominate the early 70’s. In the first half of the ’70s, Glam or Glitter Rock shines slightly. Live albums with big achievements for Rare Earth, Peter Frampton and Kiss are successful. Reggae is moving to become a global phenomenon in Jamaica. In the late seventies, Disco ruled the radio and dance floors. These albums were performed live in different cities in America.

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