How To Choose The Best Violin For Beginners 2021

Do you dream about buying your first violin? It can be challenging to pick the best violin brand since there are several choices. You don’t want to risk the quality and performance even though you want to remain under a specific budget. Moreover, you want a violin that looks great and holds its worth well we are here to help you pick the right violin for you with a budgeted price.


Stentor violins are the top performers when we are talking about the first time buying a violin. These violins are dependable and well-constructed and are cheaper. The Stentor Student I Violin is the most common alternative for right beginner students with a fingerboard with high-quality pins. The Stentor Student Violin II is a perfect choice for beginner students as its ebony pins, and fingerboards provide improved quality and tone. Its price is around $200


The best for a beginner student instrument - perfect for decent playability, plus the simplicity and durability of Perfection Pegs, which removes every day! Compared to standard friction pegs, Perfection Pegs has a 4:1 gear reduction about make even a novice tun simple, smooth, fast, and accurate. Fine tuners that change the strings’ sound level in seconds, not minutes, and without tailpiece. Fine tuners. A lightweight case and a brass wood arch with real horse hair included in the suit. These beginner Knilling violins are priced at around $500, plus you can find them cheaper on end year sales.


Cremona Violin can be perfect for you; it was established in 1899, now owned by Saga Musical Instruments, with an outstanding quality level for its various instruments. They sell different violin styles that are suitable both for beginner and advanced players. They make better violins, as the Italian and German masters teach the producers themselves. They are a well-known company, and they are honored and authenticated for their product growth. Not only do they make better violins, but they also produce bows. The Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin is a student violin that is best for beginning at around $300.


Cecilio is another brand of the violin that has been taught to beginners. The instrument is securely fixed to the bridge, meaning students won’t have to assemble it themselves. You would also be delighted to hear that the company has extensively tested its violins to make them suitable for the purpose. They also boast high-quality timber, particularly maples and spruces, and high-quality ebony. Student violins arrive at a low $200 price.


Mendini is another perfect brand for beginners and middle students. Almost all of the factories have a decent value for $199 at a low discount. Moreover, although the prices of violins are low, they remain enduring. However, you will most likely have to replace strings at some point in time because the consistency of other labels is not that great.

Things To check while Buying New Violin

Price range

It’s a smart idea to set a budget before you start shopping for a violin. A valuable violin typically starts at around $500 and then increases based on the type of violin you select. Note that the violin bow and case will have to be bought individually, so ensure that it is still included in your budget. You will reduce your quest by settling an account by excluding instruments that are not within the limits of your costs.


You have to consider what to look for inconsistency in addition to budgeting. After all, you don’t want to coax into buying a low-quality violin at a low price. Check the arrangement and structure of the instrument. When you exert strain, a high-quality violin does not seem tangled or creaky.

New or used

You have two choices when buying a violin: you can buy one brand-new violin or one that is used. If you have a budget, it might be in your best interest to purchase a used violin. Just make sure you do searching and make sure the instrument fits correctly and that you get the best out of it.


Of various sizes, violins arrive. The violins for children are 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, and 1/32. There are two ways a child should accurately calculate for a violin. The student’s left arm fully stretched from its body, calculated from the neck base either to the bracelet or middle of the palm. The calculation by neck-to-wrist indicates the student’s most convenient scale.

It’s an enjoyable opportunity to purchase a new violin. What a person may think of as a must-have feature is not so keen for some. It is critical, therefore, that you take the tips above into account. Keep in mind that you may want to get advice from a violin expert or somebody experienced buying musical instruments before making a purchase.

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