Get A FREE Spotify Promotion!

Post Your Song And You Might Get A FREE Spotify Promotion!

Over the years the world has changed .. Business meetings turned into video calls. Performances have become live on Facebook, And artists promotion has moved to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. And that's why we offer the best offer an artist can get!

FREE Spotify Promotion

The winner of the lottery will receive from us a free campaign for organic promotion on Spotify which includes Publishing the song to 10,000 active Spotify users!

So How To Join The Lottery?

Its So Simple!

All you have to do is 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Post Your Music on our Rising Stars Forum and tell the world the story behind it.

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Step 2

Comment on other musician music throw the Rising Stars Forum.

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Step 3

Share Your post on Facebook with #Mustoryonline.

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And You Are Inside The Lottery.

Good Luck!

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