Frank Sinatra Album - Sings for Only the Lonely

Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely is an album that relesed in 1958.

" According to audio engineer Steve Hoffman, who produced a number of reissues of Capitol Records albums originally recorded in the 1950s, Capitol was during this time continuing to record sessions in mono using their by-then standard microphone placement techniques (including the use of eight separate microphones on the orchestra), and making separate recordings of the session on a 3-track tape recorder using two or three microphones. This method of recording soon gave way to a method where the same set of microphones was used to record sessions to a single multi-track tape, which then served as the source for both mono and stereo mixes (for albums that were issued in both formats). " (From Wikipedia)


1. Only The Lonely

2. Angel Eyes

3. What's New

4. It's A Lonesome Old Town

5. Willow Weep For Me

6. Good-Bye

7. Blues In The Night

8. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry

9. Ebb Tide

10. Spring Is Here

11. Gone With The Wind

12. One For My Baby

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