How To Start Writing a Song? Few Tips That Helps You Star Writing.

songwriting is never a simple thing to do.

There are some things you need to learn to improve your writing skills and be able to write beautiful songs.

Never forget the most important rule when it comes to songwriting. you need a muse.

you want to get to the paper with a reason to write,

with passion to tell the world what you have to say in your art.

So sit down and think about these questions:

1) Do I have something to tell to the world?

Of course! Everybody has, you just need to find it. look deep into your soul and try to find what is it that defines you who you are, and then you will find it.

When we know who we are it's easier to be sure of ourselves,

When we sure of ourselves it's easier to tell our story like we want,

it's easier to let the word come out of our mind to the paper.

2) How can i tell it to the world?

Now it's your turn!

You need to sit down and think to yourself how can you tell your story through words?

throw lyrics.

It's just a matter of time and experience until you are able to write your song, it's not easy.

Lucky us There's people who would love to help you with your writing and teach you the basics of the songwriting world.

After you've got the answer,

but real answer that comes from you heart and soul,

Here is some tips about songwriting and how to do that better

Place to sit. I know, it sounds funny.

But it's important. why?

because of the first rule - muse. you have to sit down somewhere you feel good.

some place you like or feel free in.

For me I like to go outside to nature, sit on a high Mountain and look at the view from above.

And then I feel full of muse and good energy to think and write.

Melody is important for the songwriting.

it doesn't have to be your song melody, but you should have in mind and melody to write on.

There are many songs that contain 3 or 4 chords that you can take and start playing on the guitar or piano just so you have a melody in mind.

Pen and Paper is required.

Today we go everywhere with our cell phone, it's comfortable to open "Notes" and start writing.

But is it really the same?

Definitely Not!

If you're sitting with a pen and paper it's completely different than if you with your cell phone.

The thoughts keep coming when you write on the paper. You are not distracted from other things because it's only you and the paper sitting on the Mountain and you tell what's on your heart.

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Hope you like to read and it was helpful.

GoodLuck Writing your song!

we trust you to come back to the Rising Stars page with your song ready!

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