Terms of participation in the Spotify campaign raffle.

The lottery is between all users of the site without the need to register.
The award includes the publication of a user song to 10,000 active Spotify users.
Importantly, Mustory.online is not responsible for user activity. We do not guarantee a specific number of plays, comments and so on.
The song will be posted among the Spotify active users and if they decide to go in and hear it they will.
The users of the site have no right to claim that their song has not been played enough times in the ears of Spotify users.

Every user of the site who posted his song, responded to someone else's song and posted the page on Facebook automatically entered the raffle. A user who has not done the above steps will not be able to claim to be a "site user" and enter the lottery.

The name of the winner will be posted on our Facebook page and website, there is no right for the other participants to claim that they should have won.