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Tell The Story Behind Your Music

With the establishment of companies like Spotify, Apple music, Deezer and more,
Music promotion has already moved to digital platforms.

That's why we set up

The First Music Promotion Website Platform

Publish Your Own Music

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​ established to give a platform for new artists.


At you can:

♫ Share your music to the world ♫

♫ Get professional tips & feedbacks ♫

♫ Find opportunities for collaborations ♫

From time to time Artist's Agents get in the site and look for the next Stars!

Publish your music. Maybe it will be you!


Share Your Favorite Music

We believe in sharing!

Found a new album while sipping on your morning coffee?

Have that song that tells exactly your story?

you came to the right place! is all about music sharing.

Everyone has that one song or artist that just hits different, and we want to hear all about it

we want you to tell your story behind the music.


Discover new Artists

Tired of the songs Spotify offers you?

Is it hard to hear the same artists over and over again?

That's why we're here!

At you can discover new artists every day and refresh your crazy playlist!


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